Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Legacy of Flowers

It's never occured to me before, but today the simplest question today provoked some great thought and introspection on my part. 'Why are irises your favorite flower? Why not tulips or something else?'

-- Well, why are they? I started to answer before I really understood the importance of what I was saying. 'Well they're just so beautiful, so full of color, and my grandma has always had them.' That last part there, 'my grandma has always had them', there's something important in that. I've never felt sentimental about flowers, though I've always enjoyed them. But this really hit home. I love them so because they remind me of my grandma. And the more I talked about it freely and really verbalized why I love them so, I heard myself explaining a very important part of why I am who I am - Legacy. My grandma dug up flowers, irises, from her own yard and brought them to mine: a tender and loving gesture in and of itself. She shared flowers from her own yard to beautify mine. Then I remembered that my grandma dug up flowers from her own mother's yard, my great grandma, and has moved them with her everywhere she has lived. Then, she shared them with me. While the flowers that I have him yard may not have come directly from my great grandma's yard, the legacy is there. My flowers came from the flowers that came from my great grandma's yard. That sharing of flowers and the sharing of the joy of flowers and the beauty that they add to our homes is a truly beautiful legacy, and quite frankly I'm feeling rather sentimental about it. I'm truly grateful to be a part of such a warm and wonderful home-making legacy.

Me, my grandma (Vicki), and my great grandma (Orpha), December 25th, 1985.

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